16 February 2015


This will not be the year Kis-My-Ft2 does not have a new single released in March as they have just announced their next single to be released on March 25th. The title of the single will be called Kiss Damashii and will be released in three versions (not including the Japan/web store only versions).

The Limited Edition Type A will come with a DVD that will have the PV of the title track, choreography video featuring the group members and another segment titled "Damashii no Hanseikai". The CD will have the title track and a B-side that will be on all the verions, Shake Body!!.

The Limited Edition Type B also has a DVD that will have a multi-angle version of the PV, the making of and footage from the recording. The CD will have the same tracks as the other LE.

The Regular Edition will just be the CD. The CD will have the two tracks that the LEs have, as well as two bonus tracks titled, Sakura Hirari and Past & Future. The first press will have a bonus slipcase.

I am of course really excited about this news. With the Busaiku single already announced for early March it was hard to say if there would be a Kisumai single as well but in the end there is. And its release date is the same for another release I am looking forward to so I will definitely be pre-ordering the two together.

Of course I am really curious to how the single will sound as it is listed as a dance and rock track on CDJapan. That makes me think of Ai no Beat, which is one of my favorite Kisumai songs so I do hope this will be something like that.

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