06 February 2015

Busaiku returns in March

While I have been expecting news of a new Kis-My-Ft2 release for March (they have released a single in the month since their debut) it looks like they may be breaking that trend as Busaiku now has something for that month, a new single. The single will be titled Yacchatta!! and will be released on March 8th. It will have three versions, two limited editions and one regular edition.

The Limited Edition Type A comes with a DVD that will have the PV and the making of for the PV on it. The CD will just have the title track as well as the karaoke version of it.

The Limited Edition Type B also has a DVD that will have a multi-angle version of the PV, footage from the recording as well as a talk segment between the members of the group. The CD will have the same tracks as the other LE.

The Regular Edition will just be the CD. It will come with a booklet and an application code for an event in Japan. The CD will have the two tracks that the LEs have, as well as a bonus track, a Eurobeat version of the song from their past single. The first press will have a bonus slipcase and picture label (there will be an image on the CD).

In a way I am happy about this as this hopefully means that all the Busaiku tracks are not going to end up on Kisumai albums. I can see them adding one of the tracks on the next album but not both. Of course I cannot help but wonder if Busaiku may get their own album at one point. Though I'm not sure if this kind of group could do an album. Maybe a mini-album.

I still hope to get a Kisumai single in March, or even April, as I feel we are overdue for something from the full group. But I will take a Busaiku release to help tide me over for that. It will be interesting to see what ridiculous angle Nakai Masahiro has chosen for them this time. And I am tempted to actually get one of the LEs this time around as the member talk seems like it could be interesting.

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