16 January 2015

White NEWS

As I had hoped we are indeed getting a new NEWS album this year. The album will be released February 25th and is titled White. It will come in two editions.

The album will have the single tracks, KAGUYA, One -for the win-, and Seven Colors on it then eight new songs.

The limited edition will come with a DVD with a short film of the lead track from the album, Mr. White, as well as a making of feature for it.

The regular edition will have the solo songs for the members, which are not included in the limited edition.

The bundled set will come with a special bonus for getting the two versions together, which is a clutch bag.

I am so happy to wake up to this news. I was really hoping we would be getting a new album with a concert tour being scheduled for the group this year. Of course the limited editions are currently sold out at CDJapan, but I am sure at some point they will be available for a short time again. That was how I was able to get the bundle for KAGUYA as I did not have the money to get it when it first came up to be pre-ordered. Though that said I'm just going to be getting the regular edition of this as multiple editions of an album is out of my budget.

But still very happy with this news and will be making sure to pre-order when I can. There is no way I will pass up an entire album's worth of new NEWS songs.

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