02 January 2015


Artist: TOKIO
Release date:  21 MAY 2014
Type: single
Version: Regular Edition

Packaging: Honestly if you have been getting TOKIO singles for a the past few years you know what you are getting in terms of packaging. Especially for the RE which will have a cover that does not feature any of the group members, then have one group picture with the lyrics of the songs included on the CD. And that is it. As I mentioned this is what all their single releases have been like for years so there is no surprise that this single is no different on that front.


This song makes Nagase Tomoya use his higher register which I would put as a mark against. He does not sound terrible but he just does not sound all that good when he is hitting higher notes. But that is mainly for the verses and goes into a more comfortable range with the chorus, which is where the song shines in general. It is fun and catchy and where most of the energy of the song is. There is also a long music break to showcase the other members of the band, and Joshima Shigeru on guitar is always a plus. Overall I do enjoy the song and it is not that Nagase is unlistenable in the versus, I just know I am going to want to avoid the live performances of the song much like their song Amagasa (which I love but it is painful to hear performed live).

2. みあげれば (Miagereba)
This song does not do much for me. It is weird as it has a lot of the elements I typically enjoy and Nagase sounds good throughout but it just fails to grab me. It is not a bad song and I love how it starts soft and then brings in a stronger sound with the chorus to build up from until it hits the climax. But then it does something I really dislike and goes completely quiet for far too long around the three minute mark. I had to check to make sure if the song had ended or not because it is an abrupt end and then it is about 15 seconds of silence. If that gap was much shorter I probably would have no issue with it but 15 seconds is far too long for me. It is frustrating as it could be a song I would enjoy more if not for that.

3. フレーズ (Freeze)
I do not really have any complaints about Freeze. Outside that it is very much in the same vein as most of their more recent songs when it comes to sound in general. But even then I enjoy it and like that they have a section of the song that pulls back with the music that helps it stand out. It also has a nice slow build up throughout the song and even though it never soars to great heights it still ends strong before its fade out ending. Plus Nagase gets to remain in his vocal comfort range throughout so no worries about him getting scream-y when performing this live.

4-6. (backing tracks for the three songs)

Overall: While TOKIO single releases tend to be plain with their packaging their CD content tends to make up for it, and that is no exception with LOVE, HOLIDAY. Overall I liked the title track and enjoy Freeze. If I had to pick between the two LH will probably win for being the memorable and catchy song though Freeze would be a close second. Miagereba will end up being skipped and kept off playlists for me as that break just kills it for me.

If anything listening to the single again really makes me hope that in 2015 we will get at least another single from the group now that they are done with their 20th anniversary stuff.

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