28 January 2015

NEWS' White full track listing

Johnny's net has updated with information for NEWS' upcoming album with a complete track listing for both versions.

For the limited edition the track listing is;





5. Weather NEWS

6. SuperSONIC

7. Black Jack -Inter-


9. ONE -for the win-

10. White Love Story

11. 愛言葉 (Ai Kotoba)

On major thing to note is that Ai Kotoba is listed as being written by NEWS. So I am looking forward to seeing what the group has come up with for that.

That said I am disappointed that it looks like one of the tracks, Black Jack -Inter- will most likely not be a full song but a short instrumental track. I am pretty sure the Inter is short for interlude and those do tend to be those kinds of tracks. But even then it will be seven full new songs (since NYARO was never released on a CD before this).

The regular edition has the solo songs for each member so the track listing is the above plus;

12. ロメオ 2015 (Romeo 2015) - Koyama Keiichiro solo

13. Skye Beautiful - Masuda Takahisa solo

14. あなた(Anata) - Tegoshi Yuya solo

15. ESCORT - Kato Shigeaki solo

Shige is credited for writing his song and as I've enjoyed the past solo songs he has written I am looking forward to this one. But overall I enjoy the solos for the group so I look forward to them all.

I am just getting more and more excited for this release and cannot wait for the covers to be revealed next.

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