15 January 2015

Nakayama Yuma - Get Up! RE single review

Artist: Nakayama Yuma
Title: Get Up!
Release date:  10 SEP 2014
Type: single
Version: regular edition

Packaging: Like his previous single the packaging is about as simple as you can get. The lyric booklet does give us a couple more pictures of Yuma but that is about it.


1. Get Up!
A dance pop song that has plenty of energy and a nice catchy hook in the chorus when the title of the song is repeated. There are some nice quieter moments in the song that work to keep the song from getting too repetitive. It did take a couple of listens for the song to grow on me but after that I have loved it since. A much better song from Yuma than High Five was and it alone gave me faith once more in his music.

2. Butterfly
This song starts so unassuming but then the chorus kicks in and everything is just elevated. A pop song that has some wonderful strings and piano worked in with it. In fact it would fit so well in with Missing Piece, which is one of my favorite songs from Yuma. I do not think I will love Butterfly as much but I do like it quite a bit and it is a really strong B-side for the single.

3. Best Friend
A bit of a slower track but not near ballad territory. There is a melancholy sound to the track that makes it stand out from the upbeat-ness of the first two songs. And there is just something about these kinds of songs that seem to fit Yuma and his voice. In fact we get to hear his falsetto with this and it a rather nice sounding one that thankfully is used just the right amount, very little, to truly make it shine. Not sure if I care for the little bits of autotune used in this, though they are definitely used just for effect and nothing more. But another solid track on what is easily one of Yuma's strongest singles yet.

4. I Say Good-Bye
Another slow but not a ballad pop song. And as the title would imply it also has a somber sound to it. Yet it is not the only emotion the song gives as with the chorus the music picks up to give it a hopeful sound. Which makes sense as from the bits I get from the lyrics (the last few lines are mostly English which helps) this is a song about breaking up with a lover on good terms and moving on so that while the romantic relationship is over it does not mean they cannot be friends. It is a song that I find that I am getting to like more and more still. It is a reminder of why I always go for the editions with the songs as the extras above all else because you can find gems like this.

Overall: After being pretty disappointed with High Five this single restored my interest in Yuma's music releases once more by being a solid release overall. I like all the songs and a couple are among my favorite Yuma songs so far. I am not sure if I like this single more than Missing Piece but the two are definitely tied at least.

While I would have been happy with Yuma debuting in a group I cannot say that I am disappointed with his solo career so far. He may not release much but he has some true gems for his songs and I look forward to his new releases, no matter how long I have to wait between them.

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