13 January 2015

Kis-My-Ft2 - Another Future RE single review

Artist: Kis-My-Ft2
Title: Another Future
Release date:  13 AUG 2014
Type: single
Version: 3rd Anniversary edition

Packaging: This release is one of the main reasons that I am including this category in these reviews, as it is far above the usual standard. The case is basically a hard cover book with the lyric booklet attached to one side and a paper pocket with the CD and the card with the individual messages from the members on it attached to the other side. The photo booklet has the standard solo shots that come with Kisumai CD photo booklets but it also has plenty of pictures of the group as duos and trios having fun around the house that this photo shoot was at. It is really those photos that make this shine as it is so nice to see the guys playing around. It also has a couple full group shots, but those are not as fun. This is also basically the regular edition of the release, which is why it is so nice to see the packaging to well done.


1. Another Future
It took a few listens but this song really grew on me. I quite love it now, especially with how it has a mysterious feel to it when it begins. The choruses have the most energy but the rest hardly drag anything down. Even the instrumental break in the middle continues to move everything along well. Which should not be all that surprising seeing that this song falls into the dance pop category so it should be able to at least do that much.

2. Perfect World
This song takes us to more basic pop without being basic itself. I love the strings used in this. They add a nice flair to the song and work surprisingly well with the beats of the chorus. And I love that there are quieter moments in this song so voices can be heard a bit clearer than usual. And the build at the end it a nice break from the usual progression that Kisumai songs follow.

3. 感じるままに輝いて (Kanjiru mama ni Kagayaite)
This moves back to more a dance pop sound. And even though we get strings in this as well I do not think they add too much to the song. But that could be in part because they sound like they are being drowned out by the other instruments and sounds being used in the song. It is in no way a bad song, in fact listening to it I enjoy it, but once I am done and on to the next song I quickly forget it, unlike the other two. Which is a shame as it has a lot of what I enjoy in a song but it just does not do anything that feels all that special with those elements that I do not feel like I have heard before.

Overall: I have not stopped being impressed with the packaging for this CD. It has to be one of my favorites for some time and definitely of all the releases I got in 2014. It is just a lot of nice little touches that makes it seem truly special.

For the songs, well two out three is not bad. Again none are terrible it is just Kanjiru mama ni Kagayaite comes off as a bit forgettable, especially compared to the larger discography of the group. Or even the two songs on this single that both manage to be solid additions to that ever growing discography.

Definitely would recommend this single for any fan of the group and it is not a difficult find either so no worries on getting a copy if you want to pick this up.

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