08 January 2015

Busaiku - Tei Tei Tei Terette Teretei Tei Tei ~Dare no Ketsu~ LE B single review

Artist: Busaiku
Title: Tei Tei Tei Terette Teretei Tei Tei ~Dare no Ketsu~
Release date:  27 JUL 2014
Type: single
Version: Limited Edition B

Packaging: I will not lie, if I had known this was going to be the cover for this edition (which is the cheapest of the three) I would have gone for one of the more expensive ones. This is just creepy and I do not like to look at it. Thankfully there is a picture of the group in their suits also on the lyric booklet, but outside of that there is nothing of note with the packaging.


1. てぃーてぃーてぃーてれって てれてぃてぃてぃ ~だれのケツ~ (Tei Tei Tei Terette Teretei Tei Tei ~Dare no Ketsu~)
Like Busaiku's debut single this is comedic in tone as the underdog members of Kis-My-Ft2 try to sell their appeal. It is a bit of a mess of a song as it goes all over the place not completely sticking to a single style the whole way through. Yet as this is a song that is more gag than anything else it works as it is the lyrics that are the most important part of the song. Personally I enjoy this song musically better than their first song but like them both.

2. てぃーてぃーてぃーてれって てれてぃてぃてぃ ~だれのケツ~ (karaoke track)

Overall: If you liked their previous song then there is a good chance you will like this. If not then I would not expect to have this change your mind.

It is a bit hard to tell true vocal skill with this song, outside of Yokoo's weakness at it, because of the comedy angle. But at least you can clearly hear them all and use it to figure out voices for the members.

The Busaiku singles though are mainly to help promote the back four of Kisumai and honestly looking at how their rankings have improved in popularity polls and the fact they had an entire drama for them to star in as well as other various projects that have placed the four in front if not on equal standing to the front three it looks like it did its job well. Not only that but with the long life of Johnny's groups if Kisumai wants to keep relevant in the years to come having more than a "cool" image is going to be very beneficial. So this helps lay the ground work for that as Busaiku get experience in comedy. So even if you dislike these singles there is still a benefit gained from them for the entire group.

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