01 January 2015

A new year with a new start

As this new year begins I plan on starting over with a few things with this blog to make it more active again. It will be a bit of a slow start up for now but I do plan on bringing some reviews back for now.

The reviews for the 2014 releases I purchased are still on the way. I do plan on doing this again in 2015, as I am enjoying doing it. It really gives me the chance to fully revisit these releases and remind myself of why I enjoy these, or sometimes not so much. So at least December and January will see a bit of an upswing in activity from this.

I do not think I am ready to get back into reviewing Shounen Club episodes weekly. I do plan on eventually doing so but until then I will try to do at least two a month to try to keep apace of the new episodes. By the end of the year I do want to be back to reviewing the episodes weekly but until I get all my schedules figured out I want to start small. In fact this month I may only get one episode done but I will start this up again no matter what.

I will be trying to have drama reviews every other Wednesday to try to catch up with my backlog. I have already begun on these reviews so I have given myself a grace period before I start to get to the point where I could fall behind. But I figure this will be the schedule for these reviews for at least this year, as there are plenty of dramas I need to watch. Not to mention movies and SPs that will also be in the mix.

Of course once I catch up with what I have I am not sure how I will go from there as the biggest resource I had for dramas is now gone. But this should at least get me through this year with what I have.

Outside of that I do want to do some other things but none have been fully planned out on what they will be. Once I have something I will announce it, but I do want to just focus on these two things for the near future. I do not want to bite off more than I want to chew after all.

Of course I will still be making posts when something new comes out for the groups I am following or any bits of Johnny's news that interest me. I hope in general to at least have about ten posts a month for 2015. Of course it will probably be an easy goal to reach near the end of the year when we should have the debut of the next FIVB group. That is definitely something that is exciting, but debuts always are.

So I hope these are things others will also be excited to follow on this blog. And hopefully keep this going, as I have no plans to stop blogging about Johnny's.

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