06 December 2014

Thank Youjan Kis-My-Ft2!

For some reason I did not think to check up on the upcoming releases that I am getting until now so there are a couple of things I need to catch up on. First off is that the rest of the information for Kis-My-Ft2's single, Thank Youjan, has been released.

We have the cover art for the CD jackets. The top is for the LE type A, middle LE type B and the bottom is the RE. Kinda boring honestly but it is nice to see that the usual divide with the group isn't all that visible in the covers.

The B-sides that will be on the regular edition have had their titles released. Both are Christmas themed from the sounds of it: Holy night with you and Christmas Kiss.

Also I did watch the group perform the song recently and I was filled with so much joy to see that S-My-2 got a decent amount of screen time. And when I say that I mean they actually got to be in the front and be clearly seen singing the song with KiFt, as well as having outfits that matched with them. I knew eventually this would happen and it looks like Busaiku really helped with getting the group there. Just hope it continues as the future for Kisumai is bound to be brightest when they all get to shine.

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