07 December 2014

NEWS' Kaguya

Continuing with catching up with recently announced releases there is more information for NEWS' upcoming single KAGUYA.

LE type A
The untitled B-side that will be on all three editions of the single is titled Butterfly.

LE type B
The B-side that is exclusive to the LE B is titled TRAVeLiNG.

Regular Edition
The B-sides exclusive to the regular edition are Wasurenagusa and TOP OF THE WORLD.

Also just want to say the covers for all the editions are all rather lovely. The LEs are the best but I just love the colors used in all of them. And from the PV preview that is out they look to be from the sets of the PV, which makes that something to anticipate even more.

That said from the small snippet of song that can be heard I do not think I can weigh in if I like the song or not so far. I really need to hear more, and thankfully the wait should not be too much longer. I am also really glad I was able to get the bundle of all three editions in the end as there is no way I would be happy if I missed out on any of the editions.

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