26 December 2014

Looking at Johnny's Releases 2014

The end of 2014 is neigh and I figured I wanted to do some kind of review for some of the releases I bought from the Johnny's that I follow. After some more thought I have decided that I will be doing brief reviews for all 2014 releases that I purchased throughout the rest of this month and a bit in January, as there are two releases from 2014 that I will not be getting until 2015 because I ordered them with NEWS' upcoming single.

Full list of what I'll be reviewing in order of release date:

Tegomass - Tegomass no Seishun RE album (22JAN2014)
Hey! Say! JUMP - AinoArika / Aisureba Motto Happy Life RE single (05FEB2014)
Kis-My-Ft2 - Hikari no Signal RE single (05MAR2014)
Nakayama Yuma - High Five RE single (02APR2014)
Johnny's WEST - Ee Jya nai ka LE WEST/RE single (23APR2014)
TOKIO - LOVE, HOLIDAY RE single (21MAY2014)
NEWS - ONE -for the win- LE A/RE single (11JUN2014)
Hey! Say! JUMP - smart RE 1st press album (18JUN2014)
Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-Journey RE album (02JUL2014)
Busaiku - Tei Tei Tei Terette Teretei Tei Tei ~Dare no Ketsu~ LE B single (27JUL2014)
Johnny's WEST - go WEST Yoidon! RE album(06AUG2014)
Kis-My-Ft2 - Another Future RE single (13AUG2014)
Nakayama Yuma - Get Up! RE single(10SEP2014)
Johnny's WEST - Zipangu Ooki ni Daisakusen / Yume wo Daikishimete RE single (08OCT2014)
Kanjani8 - Kanjanism RE album (05NOV2014)
Nakayama Yuma - Chapter 1 RE album (26NOV2014)
Kis-My-Ft2 - Thank youJan! (24DEC2014)

I hope to get through them all by the end of January at least as there are only 17 releases. Of course the albums will probably take the most time but there are only six of them. And I hope to get the first review up either later today or tomorrow. 

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