23 December 2014

Kis-My-Ft2's upcoming concert DVD/BD or how much money does Avex think fans have?

Kis-My-Ft2 will be releasing their previous winter concert from 2014 on home video. There are two versions on DVD and one version on BD and it will come out February 4th.

The first DVD is a limited edition that will come with three discs. The first disc will have the concert, the second will have the encore, multi-angles for three of the concert performances, member angles for  three other songs, as well as the MCs of the four dome concerts. The third disc is a documentary of the tour.

The second DVD is the regular edition that has only two discs. The first disc is the same as the LE then the second disc will have the encore, a triple encore, an epilogue video.

The BD will have two discs as well. The first disc has both the concert and the encore. The second disc will have a special corner done at the concerts and will have it for all the dome concerts. And also on that disc there will be a "member making video" that will focus on two members for each, with Senga Kento being paired up with something for the full group.

So basically if you want all the extra footage from the concert tour you need all three versions. And I guess I am glad that the BD is not just the RE version though it seems to defeat the purpose of having a BD version in the first place, to have everything on the DVD versions but in HD. I hope Avex figures out how to do a proper BD release in the future as there is no way I can afford all those versions. So instead I am just going to aim for the BD eventually.

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