28 December 2014

Kis-My-Ft2 - Hikari no Signal RE single review

Artist: Kis-My-Ft2
Title: Hikari no Signal
Release date:  05 MAR 2014
Type: single
Version: RE

Packaging: The regular edition comes in a standard CD case with a front and back cover. Being the first press of the RE it comes with one of two types of photo booklets. The photo booklet has a solo photo of each member then a group shot with the solo shots being basic head shots and they are all in the outfits they are wearing on the cover. Unfortunately. Because honestly those things are rather ugly and the guys look creepy on this cover.


1. 光のシグナル (Hikari no Signal)
I love this song. I honestly did not think I would but it has grown on me and I just adore it now. Even though this is for a Doraemon theme song the song never goes into cutesy territory and stick to being a solid pop track. I love the flourishes in the music, especially entering the chorus from the versus. The chorus is nice a catchy and I find myself singing along with it. Also Tamamori Yuta's voice works surprisingly well in the song despite not having nearly the same range as some of the other members of the group.

2. ずっと ~You are my Everything~ (Zutto ~You are my Everything~)
This B-sides falls into the dance pop style that Kisumai took up with their debut. Zutto is my favorite B-side for the single, with having a lot of what I like in a song, a driving beat and change ups with the sound of the music. This song also places the vocals mostly on Kitayama Hiromitsu and Fujigaya Taisuke so those sound solid. And Tamamori sounds fine with his main solo line, but I think they have just gotten good with giving him things in his vocal range.

3. Crush! Crush! Crush!
This track is more standard pop but very energetic and the kind of song I would want to listen to if I want to be active. This track gets a rap section that gets split between Tamamori and Fujigaya that works, though I think Fujigaya has the better voice for it. But then again he has been practicing his rapping for much longer and has created a style for it. Outside of that the group has plenty of songs like this and Crush! Crush! Crush! does not really stand out much from those. Still not a bad song, just on the forgettable side of things.

Overall: A good single from the group and a good show that while a song may be used for a something for children it does need to be cutesy to work. And I love one of the B-sides while the other I like, I just would have a hard time remembering about it if I was compiling a list of favorite Kisumai songs.

I know I must sound harsh towards Tamamori but I really do like him. His talents just do not lie with his singing abilities. Though he is still leagues above Yokoo Wataru who seems to be well on his way on becoming the Nakai Masahiro of the group when it comes to musical talent. But I do love them both, just my love is not completely tone-deaf.

So overall I enjoy the single and I do like that the group broke away a bit from their usual dance pop sound for the title track. If they are to make it in the long run variety will aid them greatly as can be seen with their sempai groups and the eclectic discographies they have, so this is a good addition to their own.

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