18 December 2014

Johnny's WEST Paradise

Johnny's WEST is set for their first single of 2015 with the announcement of the release of Zundoko Paraside to be released February 4th. Like their previous single release it will come with three different editions. Though instead of clear files for the first press bonuses like their debut single it will be posters instead. Each version will come with a different poster.

The first limited edition (Type A) will be the standard LE with DVD that will have the music video and making of for the title track. It will also come with a B-side that will be on all three editions, SAKURA ~Tabidachi no Uta~. It will also have the karaoke tracks for the two songs which are only included in the LEs. It will have a four page booklet.

The second LE (Type B) will also come with a DVD, but it will include digest footage from one of the group's debut events. (It is listed to be about 30 minutes long.) It will also have a 12 page booklet.

The regular edition will have two bonus B-side tracks, Seishun Wo!! and Time goes by. It will have an eight page booklet.

And CDJapan is offering a bundle of all three versions that will include the first press bonus posters of all three editions as well.

I am happy to see that JWEST is set to release their next single. Hopefully this means they will be on track for a summer album release in 2015.

And since the regular edition is the only version with bonus tracks I do not feel much pressure to pre-order this immediately and can wait for something else to be announced to pre-order with it. Though I doubt it will be something from Johnny's outside the chance TOKIO may be ready to finally release a new single. Either way it will not be long for me to get my latest bundle of Johnny's goodness and it looks like this release could be the start of the next one after.

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