01 December 2014

All the Johnny's

While the factions seem to split the groups on just about every other program there looks to be one that is above all that. Or at least one that will be able to for one night this year with FNS Kayousai announcing that all debuted Johnny's will be a part of a special 25 minute tribute to Kondo Masahiko (Matchy). Matchy will be celebrating his 35th anniversary since his debut and all his kouhai are invited to help celebrate.

Arama! Japan article (English)

Of course there seems to be some omissions. The soloists Yamashita Tomohisa and Nakayama Yuma appear to be missing from the list for whatever reason. Rumor is that Yamapi may still be in trouble from his phone scandal but that does not explain Yuma not being there as he is scandal free. Not to mention with Yuma's debut album just out it would be perfect for him to be on the year end programs. That said it is no surprise that Imai Tsubasa is missing as he was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago to treat his Meniere's Disease, which has put all his activities on hold for now.

In any case this is still exciting news for Johnny's fans as it is so rare to see so many Johnny's together for anything these days. But it seems Matchy is well above any of the factions at his level of seniority and this proves that. I cannot wait to see the performances, even though I doubt everyone will be together at the same place for them, but it still has the potential to be rather epic even then.


Anonymous said...

Marius and Sou had better be there somehow. it's long past time for this Sexy Zone situation to end.

Thennary Nak said...

I hope they are there as well. I hate seeing the group looking like a trio in just about everything.