29 December 2014

7th Anniversary!

I cannot really believe it but as of toady this blog has hit its 7th anniversary. It may seem to be on life support now but I refuse to give up on it and I am laying down some plans so hopefully next year things will be a bit more lively.

Overall I am really amazed that I have kept this going for so long. And I really have no plans to completely quit this either. Maybe cut back on how much I post but never close this blog up or stop blogging about Johnny's in general.

In the past year or so I feel my interest in Johnny's changing. I am growing more content with following more on the debuted groups/artists that I like and less on the Juniors for example. I really do feel that once the Bakaleya6 debut or stop being featured regularly as Juniors for whatever reason than I will lose my last major link of interest in the Juniors. Not that I do not think there are not plenty of newer talented Juniors, but to me the Bakaleya6 seem to represent the era of Juniors I came in on when learning about them. So when they are no longer featured as Juniors I feel that era will have ended and it just seems like a good time to let that be a cut off for me.

Especially as I get older I find myself less interested in the younger Juniors and even groups. These days I find my interest in groups like TOKIO, NEWS and Kis-My-Ft2 growing stronger, and I do feel it is partly because of their ages. And Johnny's WEST being the newest group I am most interested in does not seem to be surprising in that light. Though I do not want to rule out not becoming interested in any future new groups, but I am more willing to wait for Juniors to debut before paying more attention to them now.

Yet despite all that change I know I am not giving up on Johnny's. At this point I have well passed the point of no return and will probably follow these groups for as long as they are around. And as long as I do that I will want to share my love for them and that was what this blog was created for after all.

So I hope I can keep counting the years for many years to come for this blog. And that others will continue to join me in sharing the love for Johnny's.


Chiima said...

Holy--- CONGRATULATIONS! Well done on 7 years of blogging, Omedetou!

It's amazing that you and your blog have stayed with JE this long, and also, thank you for being a part of the Japanese blogging community! ;w; Though I don't really follow Johnny's like you do, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and for also being one of the most respected writers in the community!

SENPAI!!! <3

Thennary Nak said...

Thank you. I kinda can't believe I've stuck with this for as long as I have, but I'm rather glad I did.