18 November 2014

NEWS and Princess Kaguya

It has been announced that NEWS will be releasing a new single on January 7th of 2015. It is titled KAGUYA after the character Princess Kaguya from Japanese folklore. It will come in three different editions with a clear file being the first press bonus for each version.

The first limited edition is the standard CD with DVD. It will have the title track and a still untitled B-side on the CD and the DVD will have the music video for the title track as well as making of footage.

The second limited edition is just a CD that has the same two tracks as the first LE but also an exclusive B-side not on the other versions. It will also have a set of four cards.

The regular edition is the usual CD with the same two tracks on the other versions but will have two other B-sides that will not be included in the other versions. It will also have a karaoke track for the title song.

And of course there is a bundle version that you can get from CDJapan if you want to get all three versions and it will include everything the individual CDs have.

I am so happy that NEWS will be releasing something in the near future. It is near impossible to figure out when the group will release something next, except that they will at least have a new song for soccer season. But I do hope this means we will be getting a new album from the group sometime in 2015.

In any case I am glad I have held off making my next CDJapan order as I can add this to it when I get paid this week and get a good lump of Johnny's goodness all at once to start the 2015 right.

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