07 November 2014

Kis-My-Thank You!

As I had assumed we are indeed getting a new Kis-My-Ft2 single before the end of the year. On December 24th Kisumai will release their single Thank you Jan! and it will come in three versions.

The limited version type A will come with a CD and a DVD. The CD will have two tracks, the title track and a coupling song titled Kimi ni Aeru kara. The DVD will have the PV for the title track then something called a member instruction video (I assume this is probably to learn the dance or the movements for the song for a concert) and other bonus footage.

The limited version type B will also come with a CD and a DVD. The CD contents are the same. The DVD will have another version of the title track PV, this one with a multi-angle feature. It will also have footage from the jacket shooting and the making of.

The regular edition will simply be a CD. The CD will have the two tracks on the LE versions as well as two bonus tracks. The bonus tracks are still untitled at the moment. If you get the first press version of the single then there will also be a photo booklet and a sleeve for the CD.

CDJapan like usual has a bundle option for those who want to pick up all three versions of the single.

I am so glad to finally have this announcement. I had been waiting for it as I want to get this single with Nakayama Yuma's upcoming album. Of course with that release date it is going to be quite some wait for that album but I have the feeling that it will be worth it. That and I really cannot afford to do otherwise.

Also it will be nice to see Kisumai performing something new on all the end of year programs. And the multi-angle PV sounds like it could be interesting. If I had the money I would definitely be picking that edition up as well.

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