21 November 2014


Kis-My-Ft2 will have all their previous concert DVDs re-released on Blu Ray on January 7th. From the product listings these are basically the regular editions of those, as each will only have one version. But there will be extra footage on all of them not included in the DVD releases, which will be the MC segments from these concerts. So for a die-hard Kisumai fan these are going to be a must buy.

Personally I am just happy to see Blu Ray releases of the concerts in general. But that is personal preference for the format. And it is nice to see them including the MC segments, as those are usually a strong point for Johnny's concerts so it is always disappointing to see them excluded in a release. Though I have no doubt they are being included in this release just to give fans a reason to buy these.

And since I do not have a lot of money right now only having the one version for these re-releases is not so disappointing as I can hopefully be able to get them all eventually. I skip the Kis-My-Mint tour though as I did get the DVD version of that. The rest are going on my ever growing list of CD/DVD/BD J-pop releases I have going.

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