30 November 2014

Johnny's add to Kohaku's line-up

The line-up for this year's Kohaku Uta Gassen has been announced and while we see the return of the familiar faces for Johnny's there is a new addition from the agency as well. And it is probably not a group that many would have guessed, V6.

Arama! Japan link (English)

Looking at things and the solo activities of the members of V6 it actually does make sense for them to be selected to be on the program this year. I believe four of the six members of the group are doing something in connection to NHK, the station that hosts the event. So there is plenty of reasons for the group to have been on their radar this year.

Also with AKS adding another one of their related groups this year, HKT48, I find it hard to fault Johnny's for getting another one of their groups on the program. Like it or not there are not really any agencies with male idol groups that are popular enough to be selected for a Kohaku invite.

This of course begs the question about what is going on with the Johnny's Countdown concert this year. The only group to have a countdown concert venue booked is KAT-TUN over in Osaka, like they had last year. Kinki Kids have concerts at the Tokyo Dome around the New Year's date but not on it unlike usual. And it is getting rather late to announce a concert for December 31st. I cannot imagine there not being a JCD this year and hope there will be some news for it soon.

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