22 November 2014

J-drama needs

Recently international fans have been dealt a blow when it comes to watching J-dramas with D-Addicts closing their torrents page. This was one of the main places to go for getting videos of J-dramas for many years and like many I am at a loss to where to go to find the dramas I want to watch.

One small light in the darkness is the fact that Fuji TV has a deal with Crunchyroll for its dramas. The selection so far is small but it is growing and it is an actual legal way to watch J-dramas for those who live outside of Japan. (Though for those in Asian countries there seems to be about a 6 month wait added to the dramas it is streaming.) But I hope that this will do well that we keep getting more dramas added from Fuji TV's backlog and perhaps have other Japanese TV stations start having their dramas streamed on the site. And since they have J-dramas up there that have Johnny's in it, including the latest season of HERO starring Kimura Takuya, I believe it should be no problem to get those added.

I do wish they would separate their dramas by country of origin though. It would make it much easier to find what J-dramas they have. But for anyone interested in checking out what they have here is a link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/videos/drama

But until then all the other J-dramas I am stuck with only the hope of being able to eventually find a source for them. It is frustrating because if there was a legal way to watch them I would. In fact for the ones I am interested in that are on CR I am doing just that. So I hope eventually Japanese companies realize that there are plenty of viewers beyond there shores that want to watch their programs and give us ways to do so to make us all happy.

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