05 October 2014

Busaiku to lead a drama

The next NTV late night drama has been announced and this time it will star the members of the Kis-My-Ft2 sub-unit Busaiku. It will have the four play salaryman, but use their own names for the roles. The drama will start on October 18th and is titled Heisei Busaiku Otoko.

So far there is only a photo of the newspaper article to confirm this, but I am sure there will be other sources soon enough.

In any case I am really happy for the Busaiku four. This is a good opportunity for them as it is another way to show their appeal, or perhaps lack there of as their characters are all rather busaiku in nature. But still, it is another program they get to be on and they will have to do some promotion for it.

I do wonder what they will do for theme songs, just use the songs the group has already down or actually get a new one that they will release as a single. If it is the later I wonder if that will affect the release schedule for Kis-My-Ft2 by much. But this is all wild speculation for now as there still is not much known about the drama but the bare basics.

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