17 September 2014

Sort of hiatus

Probably should have made the announcement before I started this but I am at the point that I do feel I am at least on a quasi-hiatus. Not sure how long it will last as it is due to just figuring out how I want to balance everything I am trying to do.

Never Ending Music Power will probably see very little change. I still plan on doing my reviews of Shounen Club and drama reviews for the dramas that star Johnny's for the blog and of course talk about new releases for the groups that I follow. I have been thinking about adding another program or so to my review list. The Gamushara shows are topping that list, but I think I will wait to finally catch up with Shounen Club before doing that. I also need to hunt down all the episodes for them first so I can play catch up with those. But I do want to give Kis-My-Ft2's upcoming program, Office Learning Variety OL Club, which is replacing KisuHama TV, a shot. It will probably depend on how I like the first episode and if it is something I feel comfortable enough with reviewing with my limited Japanese. But until I figure out a new schedule things are just going to be rather sporadic for the blog.

But I am trying to do more in general, especially since I have been doing the whole vlogging thing in earnest. I am enjoying doing it more than I expected but I do realize that I have let it take up most of my free time, which is something I do want to change. So I have some ideas on how to cut back with that and it should give me some of my free time back so I can do more with the blogs I am keeping.

And speaking of blogs I do have one for posting my youtube videos on, Thennary Speaks, for those who do not care for watching them on youtube, or want to follow but do not have a youtube account. I also am setting one up for female idols, Morning Girls On The Run, which I am mainly just re-posting the female-idol related entries from this blog and videos I've done related to female idols right now. There are a couple of new posts mixed in, but I do not plan on having it fully up and running until next month. And even then it will mainly just be cross-posting videos from youtube and talking about upcoming releases of the female idol groups I am following. But I do feel I'm better off keeping that separate from NEMP, as my past attempts to mix the two interests never worked out in the long run.

But that sums up everything I am trying to balance. I do hope to be back on track with NEMP by the start of October. Then hopefully I can push on and finally catch up with Shounen Club, as that will also give me some extra free time when I only have two episodes a month to review.

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