21 September 2014

NEWS 4x9

Catching up with some news for NEWS, but the group is getting a variety program they will be hosting together. It will begin to air in October on Nippon TV and while it is set to only be a special there is no mention on how many episodes it will be.

The program will have the members of NEWS communicating with nine individuals via the internet from the studio to their homes. They will also be having NEWS, in teams of two, go and visit the homes as well.

JE Fandom (English)

Personally I am just really excited to see NEWS get a group variety program finally. The closest they had before was Soukon, but since that was back when the group had six members it really did not count. Of course this is only a special at the moment but I hope it does well enough that it will become a regular program.

And if this does become a regular program than the group will have something else to attached new songs to, which will hopefully lead to at least one more single a year from them. But I am probably getting ahead of myself with that.

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