09 September 2014

Little Tokyo Live! for Johnny's WEST and Hey! Say! JUMP

It has been announced that Johnny's WEST and Hey! Say! JUMP will host a program together called Little Tokyo Live on the TV Tokyo station. This program will be the weekly spin off of the Tokyo Live 22hr that was hosted by various sempai of the two groups.

The program will begin in October and there will be three hosts for each episode, with the three being a mix of members from Johnny's WEST and Hey! Say! JUMP.

Yahoo! NEWS article (Japanese)

I am really happy about this, mainly for JW. It may not be a variety program of their own but it is a start with it at least being a Tokyo program which will give them more exposure. Plus it is always fun to see members from other groups interact and JW should help keep the shows lively.

I just hope at some point we get a little Gokusen 3 reunion with Takaki Yuya, Kiriyama Akito and Nakama Junta. I can already tell that whatever episode gives us this will be my favorite.

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