31 August 2014

Shigeoka Daiki in Gomen ne Seishun

It is that time again, time for the next season of dramas to start announcing their cast. For the TBS drama Gomen ne Seishun that is set to star Nishikido Ryo it has announced the actors that will play the students in it. Notably we have another Johnny's and it will be Shigeoka Daiki.

OHP (Japanese only)

From the looks of it Shigeoka's role will be as one of the more prominent students for the drama, which is about an all-boys school (Buddhist) merging with an all-girls school (Christian). So this should be a good step further into the world of dramas for him.

Overall Johnny's WEST seems to be doing well with getting drama roles which should be helpful for them in the long run if they keep it up. Of course it would be great if they could get their own variety show at some point, but they are still a young group so it could still be a bit before that.

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