19 July 2014

The Shounen Club 12 November 2010 review

Did you think the last episode was lacking in guest performances? Never fear, this episode has plenty...

Things start off in the standard way with the main Juniors performing a song, WA ni Natte Odorou, as a way of introduction, though very few of them get their name/group name on the screen.

NYC is back as guests for this episode as they were in the last one and like last time show up at the end of the first performance to take over performing. They of course perform Yuuki 100%, as this is the era that the song is done to death.

The first talk actually lets the members of NYC speak a little this time before moving on to introduce the theme of the episode, Happy. Which is one of those theme that they would have to work really hard to screw up as Johnny's has plenty of songs about happiness to choose from.

 The theme medley has the present members of groups whose songs are being covered join in the performance. Such as Koyama Keiichiro performing Happy Birthday with Kyomoto Taiga and Kawashima Noeru.

Between the songs of the medley the Hey! Say! JUMP supporters asks little Juniors what makes them happy. Not many are still with Johnny's but Hashimoto Ryo is one of those Juniors and I know he is still around.

The first MC segment is for NYC and all three members get to talk about things that make them happy. I was able to get that Yamada Ryosuke talked about a place in his room, not so sure about the other two.

NYC then performs the song they did last episode, Yoku Asobi, Yoku Manabe. There is not much change in the performance which makes me wish they performed another song, or at least a medley of some kind so it would not feel so redundant.

Next is the You no Otegami Yomitai Desu! corner, as we get a couple of new faces to be the hosts for it, Hashimoto Ryosuke and Senga Kento. The first letter is from a mother asking for advice about what to get her son for his birthday. The other letter I could not get what exactly it was about other than a girl needing some kind advice about her father.

There is then a collaboration performance for the Junior groups, Question? and Mis Snow Man, as they perform the song Running to the top together. It is nice to see the two groups get the chance to take the stage like this as neither has done so for some time. Question? is the lead in the performance as MSM does not appear on stage until about half way through the song.

No time is wasted with an MC segment as it moves to the next performance, Kis-My-Ft2 performing their song Kis-My-Calling! This is always a fun performance to watch as the guys are allowed to just have fun and do tricks with their roller skates that they would not really be able to fit in another performance. And since they have performed this song a few times they have audience interactions they can do with it in the way of fan calls.

Again there is not much time between performances as Yara Tomoyuki with They Budou are up next to perform a song called Gekkou. Not a song I care for but like usual the five put on a strong performance, though nothing exceptional for them.

If one wonders why there is just performance after performance they can finally get their answer as a special guest is announced for the episode, KAT-TUN. They perform Change Ur World, which is honestly one of my favorite songs from the group and I did not feel disappointed with the performance here.

There is finally an MC segment, with KAT-TUN of course. They joke about Taguchi Junnosuke being a "captain" because of a piece of cloth tied around his upper arm. Junno also manages to do his introduction bit, so overall he did well with the MC. The other members all got some time to talk as well as they are asked to talk about the theme of the episode.

Then it is time for the Junior ni Q segment where the topic is to talk about a "happy item". Nakajima Kento is up first and his answer was fan letters.

Tanaka Juri gets called over to explain answer of natto. During the conversation they end up calling Yasui Kentaro over as well to join in.

Then Kawashima Noeru get a turn as he talks about a letter that he keeps with him. If I got it right it was from his first year of high school. And that wraps up the segment.

We then get a Gekkan Koyamaru segment squeezed in. It is Koyama's turn this time so we get a picture of NEWS. This is from their last tour and they went out to eat together in Osaka.

Following that is a Junior medley, which focuses on the younger Juniors. Hip Hop Jump get to perform a song on their own, Magma, during it, which is a rarity for the group. But basically the medley is for them, Morimoto Shintaro and Snow Prince Gasshoudan.

Then it is time for the final performance of the show to wrap everything up. And we do so with Ultra Music Power, being lead by the half of HSJ that was present. Of course they are joined by some Juniors, but only as back dancers. Except for Nakayama Yuma who gets to actually join them in performing the song close to the end.

So while there were no short number of guests in the episode it felt like it was balanced out a bit with the fact that we got to see more of the Juniors that we normally do not see a lot of. The fact that they cut the usual MC segments to make sure they could get in all the performances helped a lot with that.

With how often KAT-TUN has been showing up on the program I get the feeling that Johnny's really wanted to cement the fact that the group was the five members it was then. Which I guess was to be expected as they had lost a member for the first time and with it being one of their main members they did need to rebrand a little.

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