02 July 2014

Fan Status 2014: Kansai Juniors

I am glad that Johnny's had the forethought to start promoting some of the younger Kansai Juniors before Johnny's WEST debuted, or things would have looked rather bleak for the Kanjuu in general.

These days Kin Kan and Naniwa Oji have to carry the Kanjuu for now until we get some other Kanjuu pushed. I will assume though it probably will be a while, like when the next FIVB group debuts so they can make a Kanjuu version that they can slap "West" on the name of.

It seems like Johnny's has picked their favorites in Hirano Sho and Nagase Ren though and they are getting a lot of pushing. I do not mind it too much for now but I do hope they start introducing more of the Kanjuu. JW's debut means that most of the Kanjuu are unknown to fans who only watch them on the Junior programs. (Like me.)

So I would love to learn more about the remaining Kanjuu, and not just the couple Johnny's seems willing to pay for them to come over to Tokyo to film Shounen Club performances.

And that wraps up my fan status reports for 2014. Hopefully I will have my laptop back this time next weekend and I can find another project to do to keep the posts coming for this blog.

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