06 July 2014

Another Future for Kis-My-Ft2

It has been announced that Kis-My-Ft2 will be releasing a new single on August 13th. The title of the single is Another Future, which will be the theme song for Tamamori Yuta's summer drama Nobunga no Chef 2. It will have the standard release of a Kisumai single with two limited editions, a regular edition and a version that may only be purchased online if you have a Japanese address for it to be sent to.

The first limited edition will come with a DVD of the PV for the title track as well as the making of. The CD will have two songs on it, the title track and a song titled Perfect World.

The second limited edition will also come with a DVD. It will have a PV and making of footage for it for the B-side track, Perfect World on it. The CD will have the same two tracks as the first LE.

The regular edition will just be the CD, but it will have three tracks in total. The title of the B-side that will only be on this edition is Kanjiru Mama ni Kagayaite. The first press of the RE also comes with a bonus photo booklet.

Well I was certain we would get a single for the theme song for this drama and I was right. The drama is poised in doing well and the single could get some decent sales boosts from its airing if it does do as well as hoped.

Feels like we are being flooded with Kisumai releases after their third album getting released just this month and the Busaiku single later in July. But I will not complain too much as I do enjoy their music and this should give me plenty to listen to for a while, and there should be a bit of a gap before the next release hopefully. But it is an expensive time to be a Kisumai fan.

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