20 June 2014

Not stuttering, Busaiku gets a 2nd single

A couple of days ago a rumor popped up about Kis-My-Ft2's sub-unit, Busaiku, getting a 2nd single to be released at the end of July. Yesterday it was confirmed when information about it came out on Kisumai's Avex page and it is now up for pre-order at the usual places. The title of the single is  てぃーてぃーてぃーてれって てれてぃてぃてぃ~だれのケツ~ (and I'm not going to attempt to Romanize it, even CDJapan didn't bother) and it will be released on July 27th.

The limited edition Type A is the standard limited edition that comes with a DVD. The DVD has the usual PV and making of feature listed as its tracks. The CD itself will have the title track and the karaoke version of it.

The limited edition Type B is basically the no frills version. It has the same track listing as the other versions and does not advertise coming with anything special. It is about half the price of the regular edition to make up for that though.

The regular edition is the same as Type B but will have a mini photo booklet that will come with the release.

There is a Kisumai Store version as well, but like always one needs to have a Japanese address to purchase it.

Personally I am rather excited for this. It helps make up for the fact that the Busaiku song on the upcoming Kisumai album was just their previous single song. And of course I enjoyed that song, a lot more than I thought would actually, so I look forward to this new one. Especially since Nakai Masahiro will once again be producing everything.

Of course I am all for anything that lets the Busaiku four get themselves some time in the spotlight. There was notable improvement in their popularity after their first single and I hope that will continue if the keep releasing singles. Then perhaps the gap they face with Kisumai will start to really lessen.

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