16 June 2014

Kis-My-Journey updated

Information about Kis-My-Ft2's upcoming album has finally been announced. With this we have the covers and the track listing that has been missing until now.




Shop Version

I like the covers, though from the dimensions of the LE covers I am guessing that they are going to be DVD size instead of the standard CD case size.

Track listing:

01) "3rd" Overture
02) Seven Journey
03) 3.6.5
04) Striker
05) ダイスキデス
06) FORM (Kitayama Hiromitsu)
07) LU4E ~Last Song~ (Fujigaya Taisuke)
08) Only One... (Tamamori Yuta)
09) FIRE!!! (Kitayama Hiromitsu . Fujigaya Taisuke)
10) 棚からぼたもち (舞祭組) 
11) ツバサ
12) 光のシグナル
13) 僕らの約束
14) アゲてくぜ!【bonus track】*only available with the RE

I am disappointed that the only s-My-2 track is the Busaiku song that has already been released as a single. The only plus is that because of the Busaiku side group the four are getting more work and are starting to see a rise in popularity from that.

But it is nice that overall there are more new songs than there usually is for the group's albums. Especially group songs as usually most of the new songs have been solos or songs for only some of the members. So there is plenty to look forward to on that front.

I am also curious about Tamamori's solo song, as this will be the first one he has gotten on a release. I do not expect much honestly, he has never been a strong vocalist, but it will still be interesting to see what kind of song he is given.

Overall I am still excited about this album. Will still definitely be getting the regular edition as the PVs do not interest me that much to own.

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