30 June 2014

Johnny's WEST debut album!

It has been announced that the next release from Johnny's WEST will be an album. It is still untitled but the release date is set for August 6th. It will come in two editions as well as a bundle for them both.

The limited edition will come with a DVD that has a good list of content for it. It will have album recording footage, a special interview, the footage from the jacket shooting for their debut single Ee Jyanai ka, footage from their debut event, a music video of the song Banzai Yume Mansai! with a making of and a dance version of their debut PV.  The CD will have ten tracks in total and will come with a 16-page booklet.

The regular edition comes with a 24-page booklet and four bonus tracks on the CD for a total of 14 songs.

Both come with clear files, each version has a different one and both are included in the bundle set which has both versions of the single.

I am so excited for this. I was really only expecting another single so getting an album so soon is great. And it makes sense as the concerts they did prior to their debut did mention that the group already had an album's worth of material. I am assuming that this album will be mostly those songs.

That said I do also wonder if this is also easier to release with how many Johnny's releases are coming out this summer so this way JW will not have to compete against another group or even a non-Johnny's artist that may get better sales. It is set to release on the same day as Kanjani8's upcoming single.

In the end I am still super happy about this and hope to have the funds to pre-order it soon. I just got enough together to make my order for the upcoming Kis-My-Ft2 and Busaiku releases so it will have to be a new order.

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