04 June 2014

Fan Status 2014: Sexy Zone

Sexy Zone ends up being a group that I feel like I almost want to like them but just cannot. And it is not because I hate the name, which I do, but I feel I can get over any name if I like a group enough.

I think the issue is that while I do like a couple of members, mainly Nakajima Kento and Matsushima So, it just is not to the extent where I would go out of my way to follow them. But I do like them enough that I do not mind keeping an ear out for news about what they are doing or mind watching them in programs.

I wonder sometimes if I pay as much attention to the group as I have been because they are a group so closely linked to the Juniors. But after the next FIVB debut that should start changing and I guess I will find out if I care to try to follow SZ if I am not following Juniors along with them.

But mostly SZ is a group that I will pay some attention to, and if I happen to like a single song well enough pick up a copy of it, but for the most part I am fine without following them too much.

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