18 June 2014

Fan Status 2014: Johnny's WEST

I had been waiting for this group to debut for years and so far I have not been disappointed. Outside of the fact that I really would love to see a new single being announced. For some reason the wait always feels way too long between a debut single and the following one.

That said it is great to see that the members of the group are being kept busy with dramas and the programs they are regulars on. Sure I would love to see more, but as they are just starting off just the fact that it is not just their members that they are pushing to the center of the group. I hope this keeps up and the group does not fall into the same pattern of only a couple of members getting much work and the rest just hanging around until there is a concert or music release.

I love this group and cannot wait to see what their future brings. And I hope with this summer we will be getting that next single release.

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