25 June 2014

Fan Status 2014: Johnny's Junior

I really miss the days of prominent Junior groups. Sure there are plenty of Juniors that I am interested in and enjoy watching but it seems harder to keep track of them as they are getting constantly shuffled around.

I still have high hopes for the Bakaleya6, even if the grouping is basically non-existant these days. But I like all six individually and still think they all have a lot of promise, even they end up debuting separately.

Lately I have come to like Iwahashi Genki and Jinguji Yuta. As someone who is usually shy I can feel like I can relate to Genki a bit. And seeing him trying to push past his shyness is encouraging. Jinguji is not the kind of idol I usually care for but I feel every group needs someone who is willing to put himself out there, which he seems to have no issue with doing. In fact it is those traits combined that I think makes Jinguji and Genki a good match for a group. And I have a lot of faith that these two will get a debut in a matter of time with how they have been steadily pushed for a while.

Of the other Juniors I do not have many that I feel as attached to. Sure there are plenty that I enjoy watching on the shows but in general I think I would be happy if any of them debut. Which is something that frustrates me is that there are so many talented Juniors that could do well after they debuted but there is no way to debut them all without over saturation.

The only Junior that is starting to catch my notice is Nakamura Reia. While he has been a Junior for some time he did not stand out much to me before. Probably in part because he was one of the younger Juniors and outside of thinking they are adorable I am not interested in them much. So now that Reia is older my interest is growing. Right now I think he has a lot of potential that hopefully will be utilized as he gets chances to participate in activities, like Gamushara.

As it is I feel like I am better off just vaguely knowing most of the Juniors and wait until the next debut to start dedicating time in getting to know them better. I do not care for that as being a fan of Kis-My-Ft2 and the members of Johnny's WEST before their debuts has made their debut announcements so special to me. Especially Kisumai. With Junior groups getting constantly shifted, if they exist at all, I know that there is little to no chance of getting to feel that joy again anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

it's terrible sad the jrs situation nowadays. How are we supposed to look for a Jr when they keep shifting them all the time? Its easier to cheer for a group to follow a group than to wait for a single person that keep change places every month. Between my fav are hokuto, Taiga, Juri and Yasui but I honestly don't see yasui debuting I think he will follow Ikuta Toma's pat. Lately I'm interested in Abe Aran that boy has something, I don't know what but he keeps growing on me. I hope JE would listen and make groups for the jrs and please delete the word SEXY forever from JE's vocabulary.

Thennary Nak said...

I would not count Yasui out yet, there have been older Juniors that have debuted.

Abe Aran does seem to stand out and it will be interesting to see if he goes anywhere with the recent pushes he has gotten.

I wonder if we will see more Juniors go into the acting track. I know Takada Sho seems to on that track now as he has been getting acting gigs but has not done any singing or dancing for some time.