11 June 2014

Fan Status 2014: A.B.C-Z

A.B.C-Z is a group that I want to like but just find myself mostly indifferent to them. I know that they are all talented performers and what they do tends to be interesting but there is just something that does not click for me.

I really liked watching the group's J's Journey and their upcoming group drama sounds interesting to me. I like a few of their songs that they have released. Yet for whatever reason I just cannot get myself into the group. It is frustrating as there are plenty of reasons I can think of to like them but even then something is missing for me to be able to.

At best I plan on keeping an eye on the group. Maybe whatever missing will click eventually, or even if they do not then at least I know I will be able to find some good entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about them. Even back when KAT-TUN were still jrs. ABC were the only jr. group I couldn't get into. They are nice and talented guys but something is missing for me. On the other hand I adore Hasshi so I watch ABC-Z for him, but that still hasn't made me more interested in the others. The older 4 are getting solo activities with their musicals so I hope something is in store for Hasshi and I'll be able to enjoy him by himself. >.< They're great guys but...yeah not gonna happen for me.