03 May 2014

The Shounen Club 4 June 2010 review

The Juniors try to be cool with hep from Kamenashi Kazuya this episode.

The episode starts off with the theme medley, with the theme being Cool. Yara Tomoyuki starts it off with a dance and then A.B.C-Z followed by Kis-My-Ft2 do their own dance routines. At the end of Kisumai's Fujigaya Taisuke starts singing his solo song, MARIA. This is followed by a couple more solos, Tamamori Yuta singing Daite Senorita then Takaki Yuya with Your Seed.

The guest for this episode is then brought out to perform and it is Kamenashi Kazuya. He sings KAT-TUN's Going! with Nakamaru Yuichi.

There is the usual opening talk and I think this is the time that Nakajima Yuto's growth spurt is easiest to notice with how tall he is compared to Kame. It is so easy to remember him being tiny around Kame that seeing him so tall is a bit of a surprise.

The Juniors, mostly the younger ones, then do a medley of show tune sounding songs, because that is somehow considered cool for Johnny's I guess. But Morimoto Shintaro gets to lead things and is center for most of it. A far cry from how much he is seen in performances these days on the program.

This is followed by the You no Otegami Yomitai Desu! segment which is just hosted by Kawai Fumito and Nakajima Kento this time around. They focus on the topic of things that look like Juniors, with Goseki Koichi being compared to a dog and Fujigaya Taisuke is shown a street sign that uses the same kanji as his last name.

Then some of the older Juniors perform Tsuyoku Dakishimete with Sanada Yuma being the lead in the song. It is mainly the Junior grouping around Kyomoto Taiga in this with him as well as Takada Sho.

Yuto joins the hosts for the MC with Kame and the fact that they played siblings in a drama (Nobuta no Produce) is quickly brought up. Yuto then gets to talk about what he thinks make Kame look cool when he is performing and he chooses the way he moves his eyes.

Kame performs his solo song LOST MY WAY, where he turns the homoerotic fanservice up to 11. Usually I like the Kame solos but this one I really do not care for the song. There is not much about it that makes it stand out to me and the performance is easily much more memorable.

The the game segment we have the return of Jumping Paradise, but this time there are some Juniors involved as well. In fact there are two teams, the Hey! Say! JUMP Team which consists of the three Shounen Club supporters, Yuto, Takaki and Arioka Daiki, and the B.I. Shadow Team which is everyone but Matsumura Hokuto from that group. They compete in the Furigee game, which is the dance game that has each contestant do a chain of moves than build on it for the next in line to do. There is some concern given to Kochi Yugo for this game, which he plays off well.

Then there is a performance of Mihari by Question? that leads into an A.B.C-Z performance of their group song Kodoku no RUNAWAY. I will always love any performance of Mihari and I am sad that Question? could not perform more of the song.

In the MC with Kitayama Hiromitsu and Fujigaya they read a fan letter asking about a move from Kisumai's performance of Hair. Takaki gets volunteered to help show an example of what it is as Kitayama talks his way through it.

Kis-My-Ft2 then perform their group song Hair, so we get to see the move they explained in realtime motion.

There is then a Kansai Junior ni Q, and this time it is mainly the older Kanjuu that get to talk. The topic is about a rule that they have only for themselves. They start off with Kikuoka Masahiro who talks about using a switch of some sort.

Shigeoka Daiki is called up and his rule deals with how he eats his ramen which gained some excited reactions from the Muro brothers.

Then Kamiyama Tomohiro is called over and his rule is about how he takes his bath. A not so exciting topic compared to ramen going by the reactions of the Kanjuu. But I think it had something to do with singing while bathing.

The members of B.I. Shadow get to have an MC segment where they talk about things they think are cool. It looks like Nakaken wanted to show off by writing his answer in English but loses any cool points with English language speakers as he definitely misspelt the word he wanted to write.

B.I. Shadow perform a medley of group songs which includes Akuma na Koi and their group song Aishiteru, Aishitenai. This has the shortest time of only having Nakaken and Kikuchi Fuma on stage without the other two for their most recent performances.

The closing song was Hoshikuzu no Spangle. I rather like this song though I would not exactly call it "cool". But it is a nice ending that uses both older and younger Juniors. Kame joins them part way through to perform the song as well.

A good solid episode for the program with a good mix of Juniors and debuted Johnny's. Or basically what I want to see when I watch an episode of SC. I also feel that it is becoming quite apparent which Juniors are getting favored over others. With Kisumai it has been noticeable for a while and the same could be said for Nakaken and Fuma. Watching these episodes it is not much of a surprise that they debuted. But it is still about half a year for Kisumai to get their debut announcement and over a year for Sexy Zone to debut so there is plenty of time for these Juniors to continue to be pushed.

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