07 May 2014

NEWS for the win

NEWS' next single has been announced and it will be titled ONE -for the win- and will be released on June 11. It will only have three editions, one regular and two limited. All three editions come with a bonus clearfile, each one is unique to its version.

The first limited edition comes with a DVD that will have the PV for the title track and a making of feature. The CD will have the title track and a B-side, SEVEN COLORS.

The second limited edition is just a CD that has a B-side not on the other two editions, which is a remix of the group's song WORLD QUEST. It also comes with a sticker.

The regular edition will have the same first two tracks as the others but then it will have two bonus B-sides exclusive to that edition.

Then like their previous releases there is a bundle edition that you will get all three editions with that you can purchase.

I am of course very excited about this news. I have been waiting for a single announcement since SEVEN COLORS was used as a tie-in months ago so I am glad to have it finally here. It is disappointing to see that the second LE and bundle are already 'out of stock', but personally I can live without having a remix of a song and I am glad to pre-order the two editions I could.

I do have more to say, but I have to get to work so I shall comeback to edit this post with that when I am done with that.

EDIT: Now that I have the time to give more thoughts on this great news for NEWS fans I find myself rather speechless. I am just so happy to have another single from the group.

And even though Tegoshi Yuya is not my favorite member I am grateful for him being in the group as his work with soccer seems to be what is giving NEWS tie-ins for songs so we can get CD releases from them. Though it would be nice if some of the other solo projects from the other members open those opportunities as well in the future. It would be nice to have something of a regular release pattern for the group.

That all said I do like that there will be a special first press bonus that overseas fans can enjoy with the clear files. It is always nice to be able to get goodies like that. Unfortunately overseas fans are out of luck for the raffle for a bonus DVD, as it is one of the many things that you need a Japanese address for.

Still just so glad for a new release. And even though I could not get all the versions I am perfectly happy with the two I did pre-order. I cannot wait for June to get here.

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