10 May 2014

Kitayama goes family hunting

Kitayama Hiromitsu will be a part of the cast of a TBS Friday night drama series, Kazoku Gari. The drama will air at 10PM and will begin this July.

The drama is based on a book series and there seems to be little to no information out in English about it. The title translates to 'family hunting' from what I can tell, but that does not really clear anything up. It does look like a serious drama though from the few promotional clips out there for it.

TBS OHP (Japanese)

Glad to see that Tamamori Yuta will not be the only Kisumai member in a drama for the summer season. And while this looks like a supporting role from where Kitayama's name is listed with the cast it should be a large one. It would be nice if some of the other members also get drama roles as well this summer, but I will not complain if this is it as not all groups get even these many roles over the course of a season.

That said I would not be surprised if the theme song for the drama does not go to Kisumai then. But since they already are practically confirmed to do the one for Tama's drama it should make no difference and they will have their usual summer single release.

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