20 May 2014


Looks like Johnny's decided to throw a curveball with Kis-My-Ft2 releases, as their next CD release is going to be an album. It will be titled Kis-My-Journey and will be released July 2nd with three editions (technically four with the fourth being only available to those with Japanese addresses).

The only singles that will be on the album will be Hikari no Signal and Busaiku and the listing says there will be solo songs and unit songs, which I assume will be like the past albums with only a couple members will get solos and the rest get their own songs to kinda make up for that. There are two new song titles listed as well, 3.6.5 and Daisuki Desu, which I will assume will be the two songs that will be getting the PVs.

The first limited edition comes with a DVD that will have a PV of a song off the album, the making of, and footage from the album recording session. It will also have thirteen songs in total.

The second limited edition also comes with a DVD with a PV of another song off the album, the making of, and a member talk feature. Its CD track listing is the same as the other LE.

Then the regular edition will just be the CD but it will come with a bonus track that bumps the total number of songs to 14 for it.

As mentioned there is another version, but it is only for those with Japanese addresses as it has to be ordered through Avex's online store for the group. But it will have the same 13 tracks as the LEs and just comes with a clearfile that the other editions will not have.

This is definitely a surprise as I was so certain that if we got an album release from the group it would be much later in the year. But I cannot say I am disappointed, as an album worth of new songs from the group beats a single. Especially since there are only two single tracks on the album there will be plenty of new material.

I do think the solo songs are just going to be for Kitayama Hiromitsu and Fujigaya Taisuke like with the previous albums. Perhaps they may give Tamamori Yuta a solo, but I suspect we will get the same as the other albums and he will just have a track with those other two then one with the other four members of the group. I guess s-My-2 will get their usual song, though I do wonder if they will do it under the Busaiku sub-unit name or just have that for the one song. I will be disappointed if they do not get a new song and Busaiku is used to count as their unit song on this.

I do wonder if there will be a single of what is bound to be the tie-in to Tamamori's summer drama. One of the songs getting a PV could potentially be that song, but with the drama being moved to a Golden Time slot I would think having a single release would be better than an album as it would be much easier to get a casual fan that happens to like the drama and/or the song to pick up a single compared to an album. But there could still be a single release if they wait until August for it and it is not like Kisumai has not had releases that have been released close together like that before.

In any case, once I have the money it looks like I now have the release that I can add to the latest Hey! Say! JUMP album for another order from CDJapan. I have a lot to look forward to this summer.


Magnum said...

Can't wait for it!
Well the title is a bit of surprise tome since I've been using "Kis-My-Journey" since December 2013 as titles for my Kisumai-related journals...

Thennary Nak said...

I think Johnny's is going to put every word they can behind "Kis-My". But I guess now you can think that those journals are even more closely related to the group.