05 May 2014

Johnny's makes a Sexy Family

Apparently Johnny's wants to use the word 'sexy' enough so it stops looking like a word. Or that is my theory as I cannot give any feeling to having it attached to more units outside of apathy anymore. It has lost any real meaning to me other than Johnny's wanting to connect something to Sexy Zone.

This time it looks like there are new Sexy Zone sub-units, it is not made really clear in the announcement for them so I am assuming this is what they will be. But Sexy Boyz is back but this time it is a trio lead by Marius Yo with Jinguji Yuta and Iwahashi Genki. Matsushima So gets his own unit called Sexy Show that has Matsukura Kaito and Matsuda Genta. The 'Show' in Sexy Show is actually written with the kanji  which can be read as 'sho' (with a long 'o') and is the first kanji in all three members names where it is read as 'matsu'. So that name is basically a pun and is probably one of the more creative group names Johnny's has come out with for a while.

Yahoo! Japan News article (Japanese)

I will admit I am a bit interested in the new units but it will really depend on what happens with them. I doubt they will get their own CD releases as SZ is hardly a best selling group for Johnny's even though their numbers have been improving. Instead I see this as a way to give So and Marius the chance to do something other than be forgotten in the background. I would love to see at least unit songs come from this, especially as it means actually being able to hear what the two sound like singing these days.

As well as a good way to promote the Juniors that will be a part of these new units. Jinguji and Iwahashi have topped my 'most likely to debut' list for a while and Matsukura has been near the top himself. Matsuda I do not feel so certain about as his pushes have not been as steady as the other three but perhaps this is the break he needs to get to that level. In any case I feel extremely confident that we are looking at future debuted Johnny's with at least some of these four.

Of course it is hard to tell what announcements like this really mean until some time has passed as any long term Johnny's fan knows how fluid things can be when it comes to new units. (Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow/NYC boys/NYC/Nakayama Yuma solo anyone?) I personally just cannot wait until 2015 and we get a new FIVB debut unit so 'sexy' can stopped being used in new group names for Juniors.

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