11 May 2014

Hey! Say! JUMP's smarts

It has been announced that Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing their third studio album on June 18th. The title of the album will be smart and it will have two limited editions, a first press edition and a regular edition.

The first limited edition comes with a DVD that will have footage from an interview and recording for the album.

The second limited edition comes with a DVD with PVs for two of the album tracks, FOREVER and Setsunasa, Hikikae ni.

The regular edition will just come with the one CD for the album that will have 14 tracks on it.

The regular edition first press comes with a bonus disc that will have two more group songs as well as three songs by three different group units.

CDJapan is also offering a bundle set of three of the four versions, with the regular edition being excluded in favor of the first press edition.

I admit that I am curious about those units as since there are three of them I am assuming they will be the group split in threes. Though honestly I have not really loved HSJ's more recent singles so it is hard to get too excited for the album. Perhaps after hearing samples I can have my mind changed, but in any case I will have to wait a while to pick this up as I already used up what I had put aside for new releases with NEWS' upcoming single.

I knew there was bound to be a good chance we would get an album from the group with how many singles they had put out since the last one though. Glad I was right with that. And this should help keep the group ahead with number of CD releases with Sexy Zone at least.

Of course with Yamada Ryosuke starring in a drama for the summer season I would not be surprised if there is a new single for that to be released in August as that should not be too close to this release and still within the usual time frame for a single release for a drama theme song. They could just use a track from the album as well, but I would hope they would go with a new single so it will not take so long to have the group reach their next album release.

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