29 May 2014

GTO set to return, again

I know I am a bit late to this news but I figure better late than never. Fuji TV has announced that GTO will be getting another sequel series (after the currently airing GTO Taiwan) GTO 2. It will begin airing on the network in July of this year.

Most of the main adult cast is returning from previous seasons but there is a new cast of students. In that cast are two Johnny's, Kikuchi Fuma and Okamoto Kauan.

Fuji TV OHP (Japanese)

It looks like Kauan is going to have no trouble with getting pushed by Johnny's now. I am curious to how small or large his role will be, as I am certain Fuma will be getting a more prominent character to play as he is more established and of course has debuted.

I just wish Johnny's was not so strict with letting there talents be seen outside of the channels they have already okayed. I say this as GTO Taiwan is actually a drama simulcast for Crunchyroll right now but I doubt Johnny's would let GTO 2 be the same. It is a shame as studies have shown that piracy rates drops when there is legal access to entertainment so if Johnny's wanted to curb that then letting the shows/dramas with their talent in them legally stream overseas would help with that. Not to mention it would help spread the overseas popularity of their talents.

I could probably rant some more about that topic but I will let it drop for now and enjoy what little I can legally now.

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