24 May 2014

Fujii Ryusei in a time warp

It has been announced that Fujii Ryusei will be the lead in the live action adaption of the manga series Again. It will air on TBS starting in July for ten half-hour episodes and not much else is known yet.

Nikkan Sports article (Japanese)

I am really surprised at this news. I did not expect anyone but the main four of Johnny's WEST to get a good amount of work anytime soon. But I do like Ryusei so I was pleasantly surprised at least.

Of course I am curious why he was selected as he does not have much acting experience. Outside of Johnny's produced movies/SPs he only has a supporting role in the Miss Pilot drama series. So I can only assume that perhaps he does have promise as an actor or Johnny's decided to put him in the drama, even though they do have other Johnny's around his age they could have used instead. I guess I should tune in and see which one is the more likely case. Either that or wait for the next late night Johnny's drama is announced and see if that is full of JWEST members.

That said with the episode time length I am assuming this is going to be a late night drama. So it is perfect for new talent to start off with at least.

I do hope Johnny's WEST will get to do the theme song for the drama, then they have a reason to release their next single this summer.

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