28 May 2014

Fan Status 2014: Kis-My-Ft2

Kis-My-Ft2 was one of my top groups before they debuted and nothing has changed that. While their music style has changed and I do not care for the 3/4 split I still like their songs and the split feels like it is lessening slowly. And if anything the Busaiku side group is helping s-My-2 grow in popularity so it should be a matter of time until the split is not so much an issue anymore.

I actually found myself really loving the group's latest single, Hikari no Signal, and it has remained on my iPod playlist since I put it on at the start of the month. I really hope that we start getting announcements for a new song/single soon as the group is due to have a new single this summer, especially with Tamamori Yuta starring in a drama. And of course I am really looking forward to a new album from the group. I skipped on the single collection, as I already have all their singles so outside of the one pre-debut song on it the album is useless for me to have. They really should have had the final Kis-My-Zero disc included in that release to put the rest of the group's pre-debut songs on, as there are very few left at this point.

That all said Kisumai is still a group I feel like I have no problem calling myself a fan of. If I had more time I would definitely be watching their shows and dramas. And I am glad that they do have group shows, as it is nice to see the group dynamic played out.

So Kisumai remains firmly in place on my list of favorite Johnny's groups. While they do release the most compared to the other groups I follow at least they usually stick to a schedule of sorts so it is easy to figure out when to start saving for the next release.

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