29 April 2014

Yamada Ryosuke is Kindaichi again

After two years of specials Yamada Ryosuke will get the chance to play the Kindaichi Hajime character for a TV series of the manga Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo this July. This latest TV series adaption is being called Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo N, with the N standing for Neo.

All the main cast from the specials, Kawaguchi Haruna as Nanase Miyuki and Arioka Daiki as Saki Ryuji, shall also return for the series.

Anime News Network (English)

It is about time this was given a new TV series with Yamada as the lead. After the first special I thought there was a good chance to have this happen but instead we got the next special, so I had wondered if I was wrong.

I will assume that with this Hey! Say! JUMP will be doing the theme song so we can expect a new single from them this summer. That probably has me the most excited. Though with concerts in May I wonder if maybe they will perform the song then.

I was hoping to get another album from the group next but as long as we get one this year I will be happy.

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