10 April 2014

TOKIO's Love and Holiday

It looks like TOKIO plans on giving fans more than a best of album and tour as there will be a new single from the group to be released on May 21st, 2014. The title of the single is Love, Holiday. and will come in two additions.

The limited edition comes with the title track and the backing track for it on the CD and a DVD with the PV and making of footage.

The regular edition has the title track as well as two B-side songs not included on the limited edition as well as backing tracks for all three tracks.

What I love about most of TOKIO's most recent releases is that the members of the group have been writing the songs and lyrics for them. In fact Nagase Tomoya wrote the lyrics for all three songs and wrote music for two, while Kokubun Taichi wrote the music for the third. It is probably not all too surprising as TOKIO has been around long enough and have had a good deal of success that they would be given some control over their careers.

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