12 April 2014

New Junior Groups? Yay?

Meant to do this entry earlier but with the information for the concert series at Theatre Crea for this summer out it looks like there are finally

Not quite a new group but there is a new line-up for Sexy Boys. I guess the fact that the group name has been altered a bit to switch out the 'z' with a 's'. It is still not a name I could ever like but I know no matter how much I complain it is not something that will be changed.

Sexy Boys:
Iwahashi Genki
Jinguji Yuuta
Kishi Yuta
Miyachika Kaito
Abe Aran

Then there is Johnny's Sound. I can only assume from the name the group and some of the members that it will be focused on musical skill. And it looks like Masuda Ryo is back to his Japanese name again instead of using his Pakistani name, Shani.

Johnny's Sound:
Kyomoto Taiga
Morohoshi Shoki
Masuda Ryo
Kobayashi Mizuki
Ogawa Yuu
Ishida Naoya
Kishi Takayoshi
Ishigaki Daisuke
Goto Hiromi

A bit hard to figure out what exactly Sexy Champ is supposed to have as a group theme. Other than the fact that most of the members are half-Japanese Juniors. Also to note that MasuRyo is also in this group. If these are meant to stick around after these concerts it will be interesting to see if he remains in both or ends up eventually being phased out of one. And Casey Anderson looks to be shortening his name to just Anderson if the Johnny's net listing is accurate.

Sexy Champ:
Masuda Ryo
Hanzawa Akatsuki
Sanada Yuuma
Morita Myuuto
Okamoto Kauan
Yamakura Shalf

Johnny's unfortunately not done with overusing the word 'sexy' as the next two groups also have it in their names. The first is Sexy Age, which is a duo of Kansai Juniors. I just hope in this case this is temporary as I do not want Kin Kan and Naniwa Oji to be broken up for this.

Sexy Age:
Hirano Sho
Nagase Ren

Then it is back to Tokyo Juniors with the final group that looks to be a duo, at least for now, Sexy Jr.

Sexy Jr.:
Nakamura Reia
Takahashi Kaito

While that may be all for the groups there are some groupings as well listed. The Juniors in those groupings are:

Yasui Kentaro
Hagiya Keigo
Matsumura Hokuto
Kyomoto Taiga
Nozawa Yuuki
Morimoto Shintaro
Morohoshi Shoki
Tanaka Juri
Kochi Yuugo

Like I mentioned before it is hard to tell if these groups are going to stick or not past these concerts. It usually takes a couple months for these things to be reflected in the magazines and who knows when we can see this reflected on Shounen Club with how little screen time the Juniors get in comparison to the debuted groups still on the program.

It would be nice if a few do remain, if just because it makes it easier to figure out who is who with the Juniors for me at least. But pretty much all the names are bad if not horrible. It will be glad to have the next FIVB group debut as there is no way their name can be worse that Sexy Zone and Johnny's will not have the excuse of using the word 'sexy' in Junior group names anymore.

Names aside I do look forward to see what this is going to give us. I just wish my favorite Juniors were not left out of the groups, but I doubt they have any worry about disappearing from the stage anytime soon.

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