15 April 2014


It has been a while since I tried to predict a release so I figured I would give another go as Kis-My-Ft2 looks like they may be changing up their release schedule a bit.

Looking at past releases it is clear to see that they keep to a pretty regular schedule.

Everybody Go  10 AUG 2011
We never give up!  14 DEC 2011
SHE! HER! HER!  21 MAR 2012
Kis-My-1st  28 MAR 2012
WANNA BEEEE!!!/Shake It Up  15 AUG 2012
Ai no Beat  14 NOV 2012
My Resistance -Tashikana Mono-/Unmei Girl  13 FEB 2013
Good Ikuze!  27 MAR 2013
Ki Su U Ma I -Kiss Your Mind-/ S.O.S. (Smile On Smile)  27 MAR 2013
Kimi Tono Kiseki  14 AUG 2013
SNOW DOME no Yakusoku/Luv Sick  13 NOV 2013
Hikari no Signal  05 MAR 2014
HIT! HIT! HIT!  26 MAR 2014

The big change would be that instead of a studio album in March there was a singles collection instead. It seems like an odd time to release one as the group has not yet reached their 3rd anniversary yet, but it does help set something else up.

There is about three or four singles released before an album and since everything but the group's latest single, Hikari no Signal, is included in the single collection then it means with HnS the count for singles between albums has been reset. The next will most likely come out in the summer, August seems like the most likely month, as we already know that Tamamori Yuta will be starring in a drama during the summer, Nobunaga no Chef 2. And since Kisumai did the theme song for the drama last time there should be no reason why they will not do so again. Then there just needs to be the usual winter release, either November or December, and then the group will have three singles out, so there is little reason why they cannot release a new studio album around then too.

With last year they had concerts in winter and even with an album out there has been no announcements for a summer concert series. If that remains than I will be completely certain than I am right about the release schedule changing so they can release an album in winter to go with a winter concert tour. As Kisumai being an older group when it comes to the ages of its members it follows the same standards as most older groups where a new album is attached to a concert tour, as that helps drive sales.

I can only guess the change is because Johnny's needs to make sure they keep things balanced out with which groups tour at what time during the year. Summer and winter are the prime times for touring as that is when there are holiday breaks, making it easier for fans to find the time to go. And then there is the fact that the venues need to be shared, not by just the Johnny's groups but other touring music acts as well.

Either way I am looking forward to the next single from the group this summer, and hope we do get a new studio album before the year is out.

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